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"Celeste" Lapis Lazuli and Pearls Bracelet

"Celeste" Lapis Lazuli and Pearls Bracelet

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Add a touch of elegance and sophistication with the "Celeste" Lapis Lazuli and Pearls Bracelet. Made with lapis lazuli stones and pearls, this bracelet is perfect for any occasion. The deep blue hue of the lapis lazuli adds a pop of color, while the pearls exude classic beauty. 

  • Fittings and settings are 22K gold plating over high-quality brass base metal
  • Hypoallergenic and chemical-free

For a long-lasting shine, apply your perfume before wearing your jewelry. After taking it off, wipe it with a polishing cloth. We will include one with your package. We recommend you remove your piece before exercising and avoid contact with water as much as possible. 

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